Recent GUARD Activities and Projects

Pan-Flu Related Activities

In November of 2009 GUARD support enabled the creation of G-LINE, a website devoted to emergencies in the Augusta area. G-LINE is an acronym the stands for "(Georgia Hospital Region) G Local Information Network for Emergencies". The specific purpose of G-LINE is to provide accurate, up-to-date, locally relevant information on public health emergencies such as the influenza pandemic. G-LINE was created and is maintained with assistance from the Georgia Department of Public Health. Click here to get more information about the G-LINE site.


State MRSA Educational Campaign for Medical Professionals

In November of 2008, GUARD and the state MRSA Task Force sent educational packets to 9,000 primary care physicians throughout Georgia. These packets included educational materials created specifically for this program, including a poster on MRSA, a combined informational sheet and homecare instruction sheet for patients who have been treated with an MRSA infection, a two page synopsis of MRSA recommendations published by the CDC in April of 2006, and an offer for continuing medical education credits through the Medical College of Georgia. All of the print materials for that campaign are available on the GUARD site. Click here to find the online lecture on MRSA.


Georgia Infection Control Network (GICN) Annual Meeting

In October 2007 GUARD had a booth with educational materials during the GICN annual meeting in Savannah. Free materials were available to attendees. In addition Dr. Wilde presented a lecture on preparation for Pandemic Influenza and the need for antibiotic education.


Traveling Road Show: Troupe County GA and Hazelhurst GA

In May of 2007 GUARD presented a lecture to the medical staff at the Western Georgia Health System Hospital on the subject of antibiotic resistance. Later that evening two lectures were presented to the general public at the local recreation center: one on Pandemic Influenza and one on antibiotic resistance with a focus on MRSA. Approximately 30 people attended the morning conference and 50 people attended the evening program. A similar Road Show was provided for Hazlehurst, Ga in October of 2008.

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