Infection Control

Infection Control Practices to Help GUARD Against Antimicrobial Resistance and Transmission


  • Handwashing is the single most important measure to prevent the spread of infections
  • Be aware that some organisms are spread indirectly through contaminated environmental surfaces
  • Avoid antibiotic overuse and misuse
    • Let your doctor decide if you need an antibiotic
    • Ask your doctor if the illness is caused by a bacteria or virus
    • Do not demand antibiotics
    • Use antibiotics as prescribed
    • Don't save antibiotics for later use or share with others
    • Remind others of the importance of following the prescribed medication course
    • Understand that antibiotics do not cure viral infections, and can be harmful if taken when not needed
  • Keep immunizations up to date
  • Maintain good personal hygiene
  • Maintain adequate nutrition and hydration